About Euforia

This all started in 2001 with a broken necklace and dissatisfaction in the prospect of an office job future.

Figuring out how to fix that necklace led to buying more materials and selling pieces to friends, then at small craft shows, then bigger public shows and wholesale at trade shows.  Passion and vocation found!

Now selling primarily at craft and farmers markets, real time feedback from you has been invaluable.  This business couldn't exist with out your support and I am VERY grateful.  I observe what you are drawn to, purchase, and what you ignore and tweak my collections and display week to week accordingly.

After accumulating materials for 20 plus years, that depth of variety really sparks creativity and leads to jewelry that almost all of you describe as "different" and that is exactly what l am trying to bring you. 

Shop Euforia for jewelry that is unique, beautiful, comfortable, and functional at a great value.

Thank you so very much!!